Since its founding in 1983 and with the backing of the ASAC Pharmaceutical Group, Laboratories ATACHE has always had a clear definition of its mission:  ongoing research and the most stringent requirements.  As a pioneer in the use of Retinal and Vitamin C in Europe, Atache Scientific Cosmetic reinforces its scientific and cosmetic endeavors to continue offering the very best to the world of beauty, while bringing unique and innovative products to market. With over 100 different products spanning 7 distinct lines, ATACHE has products for every individual's needs.


  • You will be required to attend three (3) days of in-depth training at TBI headquarters, for a complete review of products and techniques.
  • Training seminars on products, techniques and equipment via the Internet will be regularly scheduled.
  • TBI staff will be available via phone & internet for ongoing consultation and guidance.



  • Atache Skin Wellness Centers will be able to communicate with other Centers, to discuss strategies, issues and ideas to better the business via the Internet and conference calls.
  • TBI will host an annual Atache Skin Wellness Center Convention for all ATACHE Retailers to attend.  The emphasis will be on new and furthering product knowledge, new and existing protocols, trends in the business, marketing, making new friends and best of all fun!


  • Specific marketing promotions will be made available for special days i.e. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day etc.
  • On site point-of-sale displays and identification, as an Authorized Atache Skin Wellness Center will be produced by our TBI corporate office.
  • Literature of the Authorized Atache Skin Care Retailers will be consistent to promote national brand awareness.
  • A dynamic, interactive, central website with significant consumer driven key words will be established.  This will include complete information, videos, etc. concerning Atache services and products.


  • Only Authorized Atache Skin Retailers will have access to any equipment in the TBI line or by special order, at special pricing.
  • Maintain newest generation equipment without the tremendous expense of buying up front.
  • First authorized Atache Skin Care Retailer in each zip code will have the option to be a referral center and earn residual commissions on equipment purchased by professionals they refer.


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