TBI started as a skin care distribution company in 2004 with a commitment to non-invasive cosmetic recovery solutions. TBI has continued to research and develop natural anti-aging solutions. For example, we have added the only clinically documented collagen that can penetrate to the dermis of the skin WITHOUT injection. We introduced plant bio-technology products from countries like Greece, Spain and Canada - including Cellu-Attack. Cellu-Attack is considered a highly effective treatment for cellulite. In 2007 an amazing new ingredient called "Elastatropin" was discovered by Dr. Burt Ensley during a regenerative medicine study, underwritten by the Department of Defense to help wounded soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. The product was not only found to help wounds heal more quickly without scarring, but its ability to replace lost elastin in the body is a cosmetic recovery breakthrough. The problem? Human protein is incredibly expensive to make and the molecules typically are too misshapen to penetrate deeply into the skin. Under agreement with Dr. Ensley, TBI researched and developed a protocol using micro-current to push the protein into the skin.


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